Rely on AAM Property Services to manage your affairs when you can’t

AAM Property Services will handle all the french paperworkAAM Property Services’ clients trust us to arrange and manage the many and varied tasks that come with owning a home in France. Whether we are required to represent you at a Copropriété AGM or you simply need someone to let the electricity company in to read the meter, you can rely on us to manage your affairs.

We assist our clients with all manner of requirements including:

  • Organising contracts, direct debits and making sure your bills get sent to your permanent address for local gas, electricity, telephone providers and internet
  • Managing access to your property for local gas, electricity, telephone and internet providers
  • Registering UK vehicles with French licence plates so you can leave the vehicle in France
  • Translating documents from French into English or vice versa
  • Language assistance for major purchases or meetings with local authorities
  • Representation at your property's AGM (Annual General Meeting)
  • Taking deliveries at your home
  • Buying furniture and equipment for you and delivering it to your home
  • Managing your insurance claims
  • Organising tax documents
  • Ad-hoc cleaning and repairs

If you would like to find out more our Administrative and Personal Assistant Services please contact us.

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